Ref: APBE101, SR Developer – Typescript, Javascript, Node.JS – Contractor – US dollars payment

Job Details

Our client

Our client has developed a platform that is the world’s first fully decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based virtual social world, built, governed and owned by its users. It’s a truly unique ecosystem with its own decentralized autonomous organization, currency, marketplace and system of property – and it’s growing fast!

One key piece of this project is the Explorer, the main client they provide to explore the decentralized world created by their community. The Explorer client allows anyone to enter the world and explore it, experiencing all the virtual content created by many different people like games, convention centers, companies headquarters, museums, art galleries, and much more.


The Challenge

We want to take the Explorer to the next level, making it best-of-breed among game apps and virtual worlds. In addition to superior performance, we want to include VR functionality to create a scalable, world-class product that supports a range of extensions.

As such, we’re looking for an experienced back-end Engineer who will bring best practices to drive the restructuring of the Explorer’s code, enhance the collaboration with our community of

developers and join us in a long term journey to evolve our back-end code to keep it as a state of the art product in the metaverse ecosystem.


The Requirements

◉ Extensive knowledge in but not limited to TypeScript/JavaScript; being able to understand

existing products, refactor them to make them more scalable and create new features that

interact well with existing ones

◉ Experience building, publishing and maintaining software in production environments

◉ Sharing our core values: create with passion, care about the future, done is better than perfect, own it, enjoy the ride


The Tech Stack

These are the technologies that the Platform team uses on a daily basis:


➼ TypeScript (both server & browser)

➼ Node.js for servers

➼ Web3 and ethers.js for interacting with Ethereum

➼ GitHub Actions & Workflows for continuous deployment

➼ Gitlab and Pulumi for the infrastructure provisioning

➼ Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring

➼ ZenHub for project management


The Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate should feel comfortable and excited about:

◉ Iterating fast and creating innovative solutions to complex problems

◉ Leading the development of the Explorer’s back-end code

◉ Dealing with existing code and products to make them more efficient, scalable, performant

and maintainable

◉ Interacting with other teams and stakeholders to understand the short, medium and long

term platform goals and bring them to life by leading the transformation of our current tools

and create new ones in a hands-on fashion

◉ Understanding distributed problems and creating innovative solutions for them

◉ Collaborating with the evolution of our distributed network of Catalyst servers, our in-house

solution to provide the required infrastructure for our decentralized metaverse


If you find it interesting, pls apply to this opening.